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What’s coming up at Innovation Forum for 2018 – some dates for your diary

So here’s what we’re up to at Innovation Forum for 2018. We might add something else to the list below. We’ll see.

Our focus remains on the cutting edge of supply chain issues. Next week’s modern slavery and forced labour event is our first of the year, and one we’ve run a number of times. Similarly with our smallholders conference the following week. Then we move on for the second iteration of our innovation and tech for agriculture conference in Washington D.C., which should be a fascinating couple of days. I’d like to thank the Nature Conservancy for hosting and supporting on us that event, and the how business can tackle deforestation conference a couple of weeks later.

Back to Europe, we’ll be discussing sustainable apparel and supply/value chain transformation in Amsterdam on 24-25th April. This will be followed by our final event of the summer, our management conference on measuring sustainability performance, which takes place in London in June.

later in 2018, you can see below what we are planning. More details will be available on those soon. Conference number ten below I am particularly looking forward to working on further. We’re planning to join up a number of areas we’ve been focusing on for some years, in one larger, but still interactive event that will cover deforestation, communities, farmers and land use all in one place.

If you are interested in getting involved in any of these events just email me at Tobias DOT Webb @innovation-forum.co.uk

Our forthcoming events:

  1. How business can tackle modern slavery and forced labour – 7-8 March 2018 – London
  2. How business can make smallholder supply chains resilient – 13-14 March 2018 – London
  3. Can innovation and technology make agriculture sustainable? – 5-6 April 2018 – Washington DC
  4. How business can tackle deforestation – 18-19 April 2018 – Washington DC
  5. Sustainable apparel: How brands can transform supply chains – 24-25 April 2018 – Amsterdam
  6. How business can tackle forced labour and modern slavery – 12-13 June 2018 – New York
  7. How business can measure sustainability performance, impact and apply science to targets – 19-20 June – London
  8. Can the Sustainability function deliver ROI? How measurement, materiality and performance data can enhance the bottom line – October 2018 – USA
  9. Why plastics are essential and how innovation can make them sustainable – 23-24th October -Amsterdam
  10. The Natural Resource Economy: Land, Communities, Forests, Farmers – How                    collaboration and innovation can scale sustainability solutions – 6-7th November 2018 – London
  11. How business can manage human rights and modern slavery risk – 28-29th November 2018 – London

More details at: www.innovation-forum.co.uk or email mailto:info@innovation-forum.co.uk


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