What will British government policy on corporate responsibility look like?

Well, it might look something like the contents of this report, which I co-authored with our Politics Editor Peter Davis just over two years ago.

On the other hand, things have changed a little since then. Particularly given that we began the consultation process in 2006 and wrote the bulk of the report in 2007.

But the “Responsibility Deals” idea was taken up by the Conservative Party in opposition, on waste and on health.

However, since this report was published, we’ve had both the CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme and the UK Bribery Act come into force.

And with Liberal Democrats, albeit centrist ones, in the new cabinet, we may see some new ideas about what government thinks responsible business looks like emerging.

It probably won’t be long until we find out, I would guess…

Geoffrey Lean in the Telegraph wrote some interesting analysis last week on how green the new government is likely to be. His article is here.

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