What makes a good corporate responsibility blog?

“In the land of the blind, the one eyed man is king”.

I often think of that line when I see some of lists of “best CSR blogs” out there in the social media universe.

Often, just because a blog exists on responsible business it seems to be held in high esteem by some folks. I don’t quite fathom that.

Many of them really seem to lack opinion and analysis.

In the anodyne risk averse world of LinkedIn and corporate Facebook pages, most people seem to scared about their future career or clients, to be too forthright.

Yet we know it is bold campaigners who drive a lot of the progress in the field.

I do find that curious.

My advice: Have an online opinion, you’ll be more interesting if you do. (As long as you are not an extremist that is, there’s enough nutters on the web as it is)

What makes a good blog? I think its a combination of personality, authenticity, topicality, honesty and a bit of humility. (note: my blog is not very good)

In short: Corporate blogs are too bland, Consultant blogs often lack bite. NGO blogs are often too rabid, journalist blogs are often too lightweight, and academic blogs often too unreadable.

Good ones are hard to find. The BBC correspondent blogs are among the best I would argue.

Anyhow, here’s a list of some blogs I think are worth reading now and again:

CR/Environment blogs:

Mallen Baker, writer, commentator and regular Ethical Corp columnist
Andy Crane and Dirk Matten’s blog. Excellent academics
Fortune and Greenbiz writer Marc Gunther
NY Times Green
Rajesh Chhabara, Asia editor for Ethical Corporation
UK Green lefty blog collective
Joel Makower, Greenbiz.com’s founder
Chris MacDonald, Canadian academic and consultant
Greenpeace’s various blogs

(Is it just me, or are there no labour standards, social issues in CR blogs out there? I can’t really find any that are updated regularly and not about really specific issues, like fair trade. Odd isn’t it?)

Other blogs, not about CR, but v interesting:
Paul French, China writer. Not a CR blog but fascinating on China
Ben Schiller’s wide ranging blog
Project Syndicate. Not really a blog, more a collection of thinker Op Eds
AdvanceAid’s blog (Disaster relief NGO creating jobs in Africa and Asia)
Digital marketing blog
Seth Godin’s blog

Some of the more interesting corporate blogs:
Patagonia’s excellent blog (CSR Director Cara Chacon blogs at http://carachacon.wordpress.com)
Kevin Moss, BT America’s blog

Some of the more standard corporate CR blogs:
Intel’s CSR blog
Sun’s CSR blog
Mcdonald’s Bob Langert

If you want to add your own favourites in the comments box below, that would be just dandy.

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