CSR and Sustainability

What is the difference between CSR and Sustainability?

In a modern, progressive sense, not much at all, if anything. 
But subjectivity is everything particularly in today’s ever more connected yet complex world. 
The terms are highly culturally specific. So in their pure, modern and thought through forms, no difference.   
But in their culturally laden geographically subjective senses, really rather different. For example CSR in India is very socially oriented. In Russia sustainability doesn’t translate. You see the challenge. 
Traditionally CSR means social and sustainability means environmental. We all wish the world was still that simple. 
Deforestation is a great example. It looks like an environmental challenge yet many of the solutions are socially related (governance, corruption, institutions, sustainable livelihoods and regulatory enforcement) 
In short both should mean a holistic sense of considering short medium and long term financial, social and environmental impacts on customers, communities, the planet and investors.

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