What do North Koreans really need right now?

Ask yourself a question: you’re North Korean, you’re pretty hungry, you haven’t got much money, your electricity keeps cutting out and your drinking water is scarce – what do you really need?

Well, according to Able C&C, a South Korean cosmetics company, the answer to all your problems is lipstick. Able has decided to send US$451,000-worth of lippy, eye shadow and other make up to the cosmetically challenged women (at least we assume the recipients will all be women – though Kim Jong-il is known to be a man of the theatre) of the DPRK. “Cosmetics are not luxury goods, but daily necessities”, said Able’s CEO Yang Soon-ho. Well, maybe in New York or London women need make-up, but in the DPRK? “We thought the North Koreans would really need them”, said Yang. Thanks mate.

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