What do journalists want from CSR communications?

Here are some good pointers, resulting from discussions during an event at the Guardian last week.

The discussions involved editors, producers and researchers from the BBC, Guardian, the Age of Stupid, Forum for the Future staff and a few comms consultants.

Top 5 things media wish people promoting sustainability stories would do:

1) Know their audience: know the interests of the journalists they’re pitching to and the audience of the publications they write for

2) One page press releases! Selling the story in the first line

3) Originality

4) Timing, get it right

5) Relevance: Pitch the stories well

Here’s a piece I wrote a while back on a similar tip:

How to work with the media to drive your message home, effective communication techniques for companies

It’s worth reading for the note from the President of Firestone tires at the end in the comment section. I managed to annoy him a bit, but his views on what happened to him on CNN are fascinating, even though one needs to take them with a pinch of salt.

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