What are Mars doing about sustainable chocolate?

Quite a lot I hear.

At least that’s what Grant Reid, global chocolate boss at the firm, told me a month or so ago.

Here’s a link to the podcast, it’s about five minutes long.

I was very impressed with his knowledge of and commitment to sustainability in cocoa at our recent Responsible Business Summit conference in New York.

My contacts in cocoa and sustainability tell me Mars is really leading the way, along with Kraft.

Here’s a link to a lengthy article we published last year in Ghana.

Fascinating industry. Very tough challenges.

What’s interesting about cocoa is how obvious it is that there won’t be enough to go around very very soon, unless the farmers start earning more than $1000-2000 a year.

The good news: There’s easily enough ‘value’ in cocoa for them to earn three times that.

Expect a lot more corporate sustainability action on cocoa in the next few years.

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  1. Thanks, Toby, for this refelction.

    But how fair will the deal be for poor individual farmers, in the end?

    What's obstructing me, is the fact the same companies Kraft and Mars always neglected the big opportunities the fair trade-system could offer them as well as the cocoa farmers.

    Why should we believe theses companies, from one day into another, suddenly will be responsible companies?

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