Well done Tesco. Good news on waste

Thanks to Mark Eadie, head of environment at JP Morgan, who alerted me to this story.

In a little-publicised move, a few weeks ago Tesco announced that, ahead of schedule, the company now sends no waste to landfill in the UK.

According to Reuters, Tesco “says 100 percent of its waste from stores, offices and distribution centers across the country are now diverted from landfill — the result of aggressive recycling and treatment programs that include turning as much as 5,000 tonnes of old meat into heat and electricity each year”.

This is significant because they’ve done it a year ahead of schedule (hence the ‘well done’ in the title), but also because of the precedent it has set for big companies.

Firms like M&S have similar aims, despite their being no law that requires it, yet.

And the word “yet” may be the key. According to Mark Eadie over at JP Morgan, the UK is fast running out of landfill space, and may soon have to start shipping it abroad.

The result, of course, may be similar to so called electronics recycling, whereby some does get recycled properly, but some just gets dumped in Africa and Asia, often burned and releasing toxic fumes.

So anything that helps stop this happening must be seriously welcome.

Once again, well done Tesco.

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