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Weekend reading and listening, recent posts from my sustainable wine blog

Most readers of this blog, I would suggest, enjoy a glass of wine on occasion. If you don’t, my condolences. Writing about sustainable wine is a hobby of mine, and my wine blog allows me to go and visit winemakers all over the world.

Andrew Felluga, who I interview below, points out that grape growers and winemakers should have a lot to teach other sectors of agriculture, given their profit margins and ability to experiment because of that.

So for some weekend reading and listening, here’s some recent posts from that I hope might be of interest. Look forward to any comments or feedback, on this blog, or the wine blog.

Andrea Felluga on the wines of Friuli, changing weather and sustainability

Saša radikon on natural wine and sustainability: “wine should be first good, then natural”

How sustainability practices in wine offer useful insights to others

‘Forgotten grapes’ and sustainable winemaking at Gravner in friuli

wine buying and drinking tips for non wine geeks

Does sustainable wine certification work? one outfit in california seems to show that it can

“Biodynamics has made us richer”, says Jérôme Héranval, of Château Durfort-Vivens