We need a Ted for corporate responsibility

I’ve been watching Ted Online again this morning. Sparked by a debate with our editorial team about organised crime and a piece we are doing on the rise of the Eco Mafia.

If you don’t know Ted, it’s fantastic. Free, online debate and discussion on important issues.

Check it out at http://www.ted.com

We need a Ted for corporate responsibility.

To show the world the issues we deal with every day in this complex world of business ethics are just that, difficult, tough, and often with trade-offs that need discussing.

So if any corporates out there want to support such an idea, let us know.

We did our own mini version of a ted debate yesterday. A bit low-tech. Check it out at http://www.ethicalcorp.com/livedebate

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  1. Anonymous

    How right you are. Ethics does appear to be growing in general parlance but unfortunately, from a producer's perspective, that is more commercialization for even the demand by consumers for ethics is being hijacked by PR and Marketing Departments seeking to promote their brands. More at http://www.integritea.org/?p=397.

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