Water a bigger concern than climate change, in the eyes of some

A new survey says that nine out of ten people surveyed for a new piece of research rank water as a more pressing concern than climate change.

It’s not really surprising, given how grave the situation is.

But don’t just take my word for it.

Take a look at the survey results here.

Here’s a good webcast on the topic, and what business can/might do.

It features the authentic and personable Peter Swinburn of Molson Coors. I met Peter last week and interviewed him for our magazine.

Swinburn is one of the most genuine CEOs I have ever met.

If you are interested in water and business, keep an eye on Molson.

The podcast of the interview, which I have linked to before, is here.

And here’s an interesting website on the topic in general, too.

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  1. Toby,

    Like most sustainability issues climate change and water are of course interrelated at many levels. At one level, climate impacts water availability. At another level, some desalination solutions to fresh water scarcity are highly energy intensive. As always, a holistic approach is required.

    Many companies are tackling water usage. In writing a recent blog post on Kraft's announcement of their impressive water reduction achievements, I realized that many of the challenges for corporations in reducing water usage are common with the challenges for reducing carbon emissions. In particular what to measure and how much is enough. http://www.csrperspective.com/2009/09/krafts-water-targets-exceeded.html

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