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CSR and Sustainability

Want to know about sustainability in the wine sector? Check out these interviews then

Here’s some recent interviews from my wine blog, which you can find here.

I hope you find them interesting and useful. I certainly enjoyed interviewing all these fascinating people and writing it up / adding the podcasts.

The wine sector has some real and pressing sustainability issues. From basic economics to climate worries to circular approaches. And from certification debates and major concerns about soil health, chemicals use, water availability and yes, even human rights issues, the sector has it all. These interviews cover some of these issues, and more.

How can climate models and forecasting help winemakers beat climate change?
Interview with researchers at the Barcelona Supercomputing Centre, on climate forecasts and grape growing and wine making. Fascinating and yes, a bit geeky.

Some of the best Bandol wines you can buy
My picks of great producers from France’s best kept wine secret

Chatizvariti: Making (more) sustainable wine in Greece
Interview with one of Greece’s leading sustainable producers, who also make great wine

Richard Bampfield MW, on why radical transparency might be risky in wine
Superb interviewee on the wine market, sustainability trends, and what’s missing from current approaches

Anna Chilton on sustainability in wine, soil health and more
A chat about soil, polyculture farming, and many other issues with Anna, sustainability manager at Camellia

Meeting the mad professor of far-north winemaking
Did you know you can make drinkable wine at 57 degrees north? Yes you can.

Thomas Duroux, CEO, Chateau Palmer, on making Bordeaux sustainable
Probably the best interview I’ve ever done (him not me) and a fascinating story of transformation and ambition in sustainability in Bordeaux.

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