Useful sustainability reporting stats

This Greenwisebusiness article has some useful reporting stats in it, for those of you who like that kind of thing. 
It’s based on a recent, large KPMG survey/analysis. 
So as far as that is reliable, so might these numbers be.
Here’s a few of them:
“The analysis of 3,400 companies across 34 countries and 15 industry sectors, concluded that nearly every Global Fortune 250 (G250) company now reports its CR activity – with nearly half securing financial value from it.
…bigger companies twice as likely to report as those with revenues under $1 billion (£620 million).
…CR reporting is now undertaken by 95 per cent of the G250, representing a 14 per cent increase on 2008…
…48 per cent of Top 100 companies saying they had achieve cost savings through CR initiatives and 47 per cent saying they had increased revenues and/or their position in the current market through such measures. Reputation and ethical considerations, meanwhile, topped the G250 list (62 per cent) of global business reporting drivers.
…best performing sectors for CR reporting were forestry, pulp and paper (84 per cent), mining (84 per cent) and automotive (78 per cent), while those that had seen the greatest improvement over the last three years were construction (65 per cent in 2011 from 32 per cent in 2008) and pharmaceuticals (64 per cent from 25 per cent).”
None of this is really surprising. We still haven’t worked out how to turn reporting into something beyond a valuable internal measurement tool. But perhaps that’s really all it is, and will ever be.
It’s not to be confused with accountability, or even transparency in almost all cases. 
That’s shown by action (usually after a specific event) and non-selective releases of consistently collected data. Not the same thing at all. 
Were we naive in expecting anything else? I think so. 
But it’s good to know more big companies are trying to manage sustainability risk.
Now, for all those under a billion in revenue…
This is now the hard part. Big companies have shown the way and made the case. 
Now more of them need to lead in the real sense of the word. 
Leadership is not just about being ahead, more, its about taking others with you. 


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