Useful case studies on greener supply chains

This posting, entitled “15 Green Supply Chain Studies You Should Know About” may be useful for some readers.

Greener (as I prefer to call them) supply chains are clearly key to cutting emissions, particularly in emerging economies reliant (as we are) on fossil fuels. If we can’t yet stop those several coal power stations a week being built, we can at least encourage our supply chain to be as efficient as possible while we wait for greener power supply options.

Ethical Corporation held a conference on this top (one of many) last year. The details are here.

And our forthcoming UK climate/business conference will no doubt be packed full of practical examples.

More about that soon on the EthicalCorp.com website. Meantime, this event may be of interest to some readers.

And of course, I hope some blog readers will enter their company for the first Ethical Corporation business first awards in May. The deadline is approaching fast.

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