Unilever’s sustainability plan, a seminal moment for CR next week

From what I hear, this online event will be worth tuning into next Monday from 9.30am UK time.

The event is the launch of Unilever’s new sustainability plan.

My sources tell me it will be a landmark moment for the company, and probably the CR movement as a whole.

From what I’ve heard it’s the most comprehensive approach to sustainability a large company has set out to date.

Unilever, despite their conservative approach to communications, are already the most engaged company of their size in the sustainability arena.

This new plan, I am told, puts them leagues ahead of competitors such as Nestle, who continue to struggle when it comes to sustainability strategy, stakeholder engagement, and meaningful targets. (Nestle’s recently announced coffee plan should be given some credit of course)

We’ll find out the full details on Unilever next week.

My contacts, not folks to speak lightly, tell me Unilever’s vision, their own version of Marks and Spencer’s Plan A, will be a real game changer for large companies, particularly in the FMCG sector.

Proctor & Gamble, I hear, rushed out their own plan ahead of this launch, and its relative weakness by comparison will be apparently fairly obvious by next Monday.

Watch this space for more on what Unilever are planning to do next Monday, after I attend their launch event here in London.

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