Two degrees of global warming would be great

That’s got your attention.

I say this because, as DEFRA’s chief climate advisor said at a meeting I attended a month or so back, four degrees looks like the minimum we face.

And it’s not just Bob Watson at DEFRA who is saying this.

A few days ago the FT ran this extraordinarily gloomy headline “Climate scientists warn of looming disaster”.

Given that it looks very much like just about any climate scientist worth his or her salt is saying this, it seems rather likely.

After all, if 99 from 100 doctors told you you had a specific ailment, you would believe them, wouldn’t you?

Two questions then immediately raise themselves:

1) What will governments do this year and next to recognise this? Given that they are dealing with a recession many don’t quite understand and know what to do about (they may not be able to do much), what chance is there of, say OECD administrations turning climate change belief into real action that actually does something major?

Idealism aside:

2) Secondly, if carbon capture and storage is such a major part of the ‘answer’, (hmm) why on earth is the level of debate about it so poor?

I don’t understand why the mainstream media still only really covers it in a cursory, almost disinterested fashion?

Can anyone enlighten me?

UPDATE: 05/05/09: This news about Australia’s year long (at least) delay to limiting carbon emissions does not bode well. One hates to end a post on a depressing note, but it’s hard not to, in this case.

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