Training workshops, talks and seminars in corporate responsibility

Alongside some lecturing work at Birkbeck for several months a year, and overseeing Ethical Corporation and my other day jobs, about once a month or so I am usually presenting/training on CSR, corporate responsibility, sustainability and business issues somewhere in Europe or sometimes further afield.

A contact of mine asked for a summary of what I’ve delivered recently and where, so I thought I’d also publish the list on the blog, in case any readers might be interested in having any of the below, or other topics areas, discussed in their company or sector.

Here’s some of the training/speaking work I’ve been doing in the last year or so:

1) Large companies: Who is leading on sustainability, where, why and how?
(Given multiple times and conferences and seminars around EU)

2) Supply chain crisis management: Preparation, materials, dilemmas and solutions (Brussels and Zurich with large EU companies in 2010 and 2011, also with CEO and board of 10 billion Euro retailer)

3) Working with the media and crisis communications when things go wrong, and advance preparation (Brussels and Zurich with large EU companies in 2010 and 2011, Poland in 2009/10)

4) Global trends in corporate responsibility: And what they mean for your region/country (Bucharest, forthcoming September 2011, delivered in Sofia, Bratislava in 2009/10)

5) Evolving landscape, stakeholder expectations, transparency and regulatory frameworks evolving around SD business models
(Sofia, forthcoming October 2011)

6) What climate change will mean soon, and now, for large companies in emerging markets (Belgrade with Telenor CEO and politicians, 2010)

7) Strategy critique of a company or sector sustainability approach and what’s next in terms of risk and expectation and opportunity (Amsterdam with Heineken CEO, 2010)

8) What do we mean by sustainability innovation in business – and what are the results? (delivered multiple times around EU)

If any of these topic areas are interesting, or you might like a training session, strategy, report or policy critique for your business, please contact me on tobiaswebb@gmail.com to discuss.

And sorry if this seems like a bit of a sales pitch. I do post a lot of other useful content on the blog, so please excuse the odd semi-commercial message! 🙂

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