Top ten countries interested in corporate responsibility

OK, my headline is a little misleading. Below are the top ten countries where people who read www.ethicalcorp.com are based, according to Google Analytics.

1 United Kingdom
2 United States
3 Canada
4 India
5 Australia
6 France
7 Malaysia
8 Germany
9 Netherlands
10 South Africa

Of course, web stats, like any others, can be interpreted in a number of ways.

We know we have a core audience of around 40,000-70,000 readers, some who come often, and some who only visit occasionally.

Beware CSR ‘social media’ websites or online sustainability ‘communities’ (light on content, heavy on hubris) who claim hundreds of thousands of ‘members’ after publishing light news (at best) by non-professional writers or junior wannabe consultants and ‘social media experts’ (read: under-employed snake oil selling charlatans)

Their “we have a million members” stats probably are not true. Or their data is comprised of spam email. It may be a little harsh to say, but it’s likely an accurate assessment.

If our core audience, ten years and 7500 quality articles in, is still fairly small, theirs are likely similar, or less.

That’s not a bad thing. A focused business audience is not unusual in niche publishing/online communities.

It just says to me that we should be careful assuming that the community of business managers working in sustainability is growing exponentially, I am not sure that it is.

Interest is not the same as action, as we well know!

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  1. at least one from Brazil

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