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Time to re-invigorate this blog, what posts will cover

Dear reader, I’ve been writing ‘blog’ posts on and off, for about 15 years. There’s probably more than 2000 posts archived on this site, many of which will today be of no interest to anyone, and some that probably never were.

I know some of the 2000 or so subscribers to the site might not have seen an email with a post. I let the blog drift for a while and the emailing of posts function stopped working. I’ve now ‘cleaned’ the list and this post may be sent out to the subscribers soon, all being well. So if you do get this via email, you did subscribe (or someone did it for you!) in the last 6-12 months.

If you decide to stay on the list, here’s a bit more about what you’ll get in terms of posts from the blog.

In recent times, the blog has become more of an outlet for longer form writing (700 word plus articles, is that long form these days?) with articles co-authored by my friend and colleague Peter Stanbury.  We’ll also post links to podcasts, given they are pretty popular format. You can find Innovation Forum podcasts (my company) here.

Articles will be generally focused around sustainable supply chains, the role of business in developing them, and the associated issues with doing so. That’s not to say we won’t dip back into old territory, such as with this recent piece on Russia, sanctions and divestment.

There may also be the odd post about sustainable wine. I help run something called the Sustainable Wine Roundtable, and its online magazine (with more podcasts)

I hope you enjoy the posts, write the odd comment, and get in touch if it suits you.

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