The trust deficit: 10 things big companies can do about it

1) Sponsor edgy public debates

2) Create a public policy unit and be proud of it

3) Acknowledge publicly how hard it is to work with competitors on social and environmental issues yet create public targets to do more such collaborations

4) Support genuinely independent research on a continuous basis perhaps via a third party, even if uncomfortable with the results

5) Allow personalities, not corporate logos, to engage using social media

6) Publish critical views of employees and NGOs on websites, not bury them in reports

7) Admit the need to diversify their boards, publicly seek wider experiences and set and meet targets for board diversity

8) Create a stakeholder panel with some governance teeth

9) Report country by country

10) Hire more futurists and publish some of what they are saying

I’ll stop there for now.

I’ll be expanding on these above points one at a time in the coming days.

What else goes on this list?

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  1. Big companies can practise what they preach. If you say you ‘are committed to a sustainable future’, be prepared for Greenpeace to call you on it. If you ask your customers to ‘drink responsibly’, expect governments to force your hand on pricing alcohol responsibly. http://www.saltlondon.com/blog/transparency/

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