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The ten most important issues in…business and plastic pollution/innovation

At Innovation Forum, the team and I spend a lot of time working out the complex answers to one simple question in each of the areas we work in. That question is: “What are the most difficult issues/challenges in this particular area?”. We then spend months, often longer (given events are often repeated) working that out, by talking to key actors and doing a lot of reading.

The final list then ends up as a product. In our case, a conference agenda, given selling places and sponsorship for these is how we make a living. So once that is done, and if the event is successfully selling, we know we’ve done something right. So I thought, in a few blog posts, this being the first of them, I’d lay out some of these issues for readers, in the hope they might make useful reading.

So on the topic of business and plastic pollution/innovation, here’s what our rigorous and market-tested research came up with as the key issues. It’s not all of them, and it’s a mix of questions and challenges. It’s what fits into two days of a conference, but I hope you might find it useful. Here’s the list as we see it applying to business and plastic pollution/innovation:

  1. Is society now expecting the end of single use plastics, is this even possible, and by when?
  2. The baby and the bathwater: The unintended consequences of dropping plastics
  3. Practical solutions to end the future of single use plastic
  4. The politics of plastic: What are the likely legislation changes?
  5. Engaging suppliers successfully on plastics innovation
  6. Will plastics hysteria be the kick the circular economy needs to succeed?
  7. Product design: What are the next generation of designers and engineers doing to develop the plastics of the future?
  8. Collaboration on recycling and technology
  9. How business can work with government to encourage more joined up policy
  10. Myth-busting and reframing the narrative: How do we get consumers to understand the nuances and the differences?

Now, there’s a lot more to all this that just ten bullets, obviously. That’s why we’ve assembled 100+ big company representatives and other innovators to come to a conference space in Amsterdam in a couple of weeks and debate the above, and a lot more.

To find out more about that, check this out: 

We’ve done something right, to get 100+ big firms and other experts to sign up. Now we have to deliver insightful debate. I hope you can join us.

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