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The Sustainable Landscapes and Commodities conference is back, 19-21 November in London

We have a date for your calendar: this year’s Sustainable Landscapes Conference will be taking place on the 20th-21st, November 2019 in London. Workshops will be held on the 19th.

Following the success of last year’s event, this two day business conference will debate and showcase real world solutions to the most pressing and urgent challenges in commodity supply chains. We’ll look at what’s driving value chain change, and how business is working with others, and each other, to deliver on increasingly difficult targets.

You can view an overview of the key themes here:

Here’s a few of them:

  • Q&As with leading CEOs – The future of sourcing sustainable commodities: Outlook and predictions
  • Climate forecasts: We have 12 years to tackle climate change. Which are the innovations that are needed tocover the funding gap in forests and agriculture?
  • 2020 targets and beyond: What will we say in 2020, and what will 2025 targets look like?
  • Brands on trial: The next generation of consumers and the changing face of activism
  • NGOs on trial: Do the demands of environmental NGOs protect the planet at the expense of the people?
  • Sustainable sourcing dilemmas: How can companies make better choices
  • How you can access finance that drives sustainable performance, and gets the attention of yourboard/investors
  • Practical action on commodities: Case studies on effective multi-stakeholder initiatives
  • Restored landscapes and stranded assets: What does a sustainable exit plan look like?

More here: ://

In addition to the two-day conference, we will be running a set of focused workshops on the November 19th, looking more closely at issues such as deforestation, traceability, human rights in supply chains and how to develop effective partnerships.

Hope you can come along!


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