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The critical business issues coming up at Innovation Forum

The critical business issues coming up at Innovation Forum

Many companies are poised to make real progress on the key corporate sustainability challenges.  So, at Innovation Forum we are planning plenty of engaging discussion and insight to help find what’s coming next, and the solutions we’ll need.

Over the next few months, through the first half of 2018, we’ll be debating the critical business challenges. We’ll look at the Sustainable Development Goals, smallholder farmers and their critical place in agricultural commodity supply chains. We’ll continue to examine the pressing need for business to deal with deforestation and modern slavery and human trafficking risks in operations and supply chains. And we’ll be asking how companies can effectively measure the return on investment for sustainable business programmes, and develop better, smarter, cleaner apparel supply chains.

To complement our series of forums and conferences, we’ll continue to have plenty of analysis and insight, including webinars and podcasts, in our newsletter and online to help our readers identify what matters to their business and organisations, and some of the actions that have been proven to work. For more information on what we’re up to, full details always appear here first.

How business can tackle modern slavery 7th-8th March
IF’s series on corporate action on modern slavery will continue in London with a conference focused on how companies can proactively mitigate the risk of modern slavery taking place in their operations and supply chains. We’ll also ask how business can effectively respond to discovered cases of slavery. A key focus will be how to keep up momentum internally as the initial impetus of action driven by legislation starts to slow, and how international legislation will tie together and impact on company operations and reporting.

Harnessing the SDGs to strengthen smallholder supply chains 13th-14th March
In March 2018, in London, Innovation Forum will host a two-day business conference on how large companies can build capacity in smallholders, drive resilience, prevent deforestation and deliver against Sustainable Development Goals targets.

Tech and innovation for sustainable agriculture 5th-6th April
The next IF conference on technology and innovation in agriculture will be in Washington DC in early April. Over two days we will debate how business can most efficiently improve sustainable agriculture production, raise yields and deliver against company objectives. In 2018 we’ll be taking a detailed look at the role of technology, GMOs, gene editing and in particular, the latest thinking on how to reduce antibiotic use in animal agriculture.

How business can tackle deforestation 18th-19th April
New for 2018: our global series of deforestation related events will converge to one annual forum, which brings together each of the key players from different regions. The 2018 meeting will be held in Washington DC, and will focus on the latest trends, challenges and opportunities for companies to implement zero deforestation policies faster.

How apparel brands can transform supply chains 24th-25th April
This two-day conference will be held once again in Amsterdam, focusing on the social and environmental challenges – and opportunities – facing the apparel industry. We’ll look at the likely impacts of digitalisation and automation, circular business models and how brands can transform factories and save money, whilst hitting sustainability targets.

How business can tackle forced labour and human trafficking 12th-13th June
Held in New York for the first time, and following up the 2017 event in Washington DC, this conference will help companies acquire the knowledge and management systems to address forced labour risks, comply with emerging law and help tackle forced labour globally.

Corporate sustainability measurement, impact and technology June
Following up on the discussion and insight from the successful 2017 event, this will be a practical, realistic two-day conference in London looking at the latest tools, techniques and methodologies for placing a value on sustainability and safeguarding against future risk.

Please note links above are to Innovation Forum 2017 events to give a flavour of likely speakers and topics to be discussed. Click here if you have any more specific questions or for more information about any of Innovation Forum’s events.

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