Tesco, greenwash and “lights into flights”

Most greenwash is more cock-up than conspiracy.

Whilst campaigners would sometimes appear to have us believe that greenwash is a cynical corporate plot, most of it is just badly thought through marketing, like Tesco’s recent “turn lights into flights”ad.

Commentators on the Guardian’s blog slated the firm for its recent ad.

The idea was a simple customer marketing campaign. The small print on the ad offers 60 airmiles for each £2.50 clubcard voucher redeemed by customers.

The tagline for the ad, however, with an image of a renewable lightbulb, was deeply unfortunate, to say the least.

A friend has been telling me for months that Tesco does really get it on climate change, and is leading the way among the supermarkets in all sorts of ways.

The source, who has much inside information, makes some credible points, despite a slight conflict of interest. Personally, I’m prepared to take him at his word.

It would be nice, however, if Tesco vetted their ads better. Might help stop Guardian readers pounding them on the paper’s blog, too.

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  1. I agree Toby…I may have been a bit harsh on Tesco in the blog, but I mean really, there’s no excuses for this type of cock-up these days is there?

    I can almost picture the marketing bod sat there chewing a pencil saying ‘now what rhymes with flights?’

    ; )

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