Ten good practices in managing ethics for competitive intelligence

I mentioned in a previous post that our April 2011 issue, out in a few days time, has a briefing on the risks of corporate spying, and how to gather intelligence ethically. More on the full briefing and other articles here.

From our forthcoming five page feature article, here are ten tips on being ethical when gathering intelligence:

1) Establish clear guidelines on CI practice.

2) Integrate CI into the organisational code of conduct.

3) Establish or refer to a stand-alone CI ethics policy.

4) Factor in international variations in legal and ethical standards on CI.

5) Extend guidelines to business partners.

6) Back up guidelines with targeted training.

7) Ensure training is tailored to relevant audiences.

8) Develop a clear streamlined process for providing legal/ethics approval or advice.

9) Facilitate regular cross-functional reviews of CI practice and guidelines by management.

10) Support professionalisation of CI through industry/professional associations.

Source: Competitive Intelligence: Ethical challenges
and good practice
, a report authored by Andrew
Crane & Laura J Spence, published by Institute of
Business Ethics, UK, in December 2008

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