Governance, strategy and sustainability, a new workshop product

 Here’s a workshop training product I have created which offers board and senior manager briefings on how corporate sustainability is increasingly linked with governance and strategy. I’ve been running workshops like these for many years now, all over the world. So if this of interest for your company, just let me know. Customer testimonials are…

  • Nov 6, 2012
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When is GM, GM?

The next issue of Ethical Corporation, coming off the physical and digital presses shortly, has a major report on agriculture and genetic modification. We all know there’s a population explosion.We all know climate change won’t help. We all know technology has a role of play in agriculture. But our concern is also for the little…

Supply chain stats

October’s edition of Ethical Corporation, out in the next few days, has a long briefing on some of the latest work being done in the field of more sustainable supply chains. Here’s a few compelling stats and facts from the articles: – In 2010, the latest year for which the World Trade Organisation has crunched…

Aiming beyond net negative

Many companies now aim to ‘do no harm’. But despite elements of the hippocratic oath, that’s not the mission of a doctor. Medical experts aim to make things better. So should your business. Net negative is not an objective. It’s a starting point.

Are you sick of 2012 trend predictions?

Are you tired of annoying bloggers such as me going on about last year and what might happen in 2012? I am. And I write the posts. What’s that you say? You want a bit more? Really? Do you? Oh, ok then. This is the last one. And it’s a stumbling, slightly rambling audio version…

A positive look forward into 2012

The ever-excellent Marcy Murninghan provides an excellent, cheering post on what we might expect in 2012 at this link. It’s easy to be bleak, as most commentators have been. In my earlier post on the year ahead, I felt I didn’t really delve much into the possible, looking instead at how just to keep things…

Good books on China

Paul French, who writes about China for Ethical Corporation from Shanghai, where he has lived for two decades, offers some thoughts on good China books below. Before we get into that though, Paul’s superb historical novel on China, Midnight in Peking, is an excellent read. He even solves an old murder in it. More here….

Blood and Gore on Sustainable Capitalism

Thanks to Bob Eccles over at Harvard for alerting me to this article: A Manifesto for Sustainable Capitalism “How businesses can embrace environmental, social and governance metrics” It’s by Al Gore and David Blood. The article makes five concrete recommendations to speed the adoption of sustainable capitalism: 1. Identify and incorporate risk from stranded assets….

Future predictions after 25 years of the Institute of Business Ethics

The excellent and august UK Institute of Business Ethics, which does superb work and research in the field, recently asked me to pen some thoughts on future challenges for business around ethics. Amazingly, they accepted my pseudo-hippie meanderings, and published them next to wise words from all sorts of senior figures from business. I try,…

  • Dec 5, 2011
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Why scenario planning matters, and should be re-named

Put “sustainability scenario planning” into Google and not much comes up. Similarly, Google “corporate sustainability scenario planning” and ditto, there’s not a lot there. The odd paper, the odd mini-section on a company website. Some vendors saying they can help. The companies you’d expect show up on the first few pages: Shell, Nike, Ford, one…

Smarter business in Sweden, the state of sustainability

Ethical Corporation has recently published our “Best of Europe” country briefings as one complete 63 page document. It’s a corker. Aside from covering the state of the sustainability nation in the UK, France, Germany, Spain, Switzerland, and the Netherlands, we’ve also produced a ten page country briefing, as part of the larger report, on Sweden….