Switcher and Swiss retail transparency

I’ve been finding out more and more about the state of play for retail brands in sustainability around Europe recently.

Together with my friend and colleague Brendan May I’ve run two training sessions in Brussels in June and July on sustainability communications, working with the media and crisis communications for retail brands.

In total we’ve ‘trained’ (well, they mostly trained themselves, we mostly facilitated) about fifty medium and large retailers on what we thought, and they thought, are useful ways to respond to the comms, media and crisis challenges they face.

If any readers would like to see the agenda, or the crisis scenarios, just send me an email: Toby.Webb@ethicalcorp.com

One brand we heard about as doing interesting work on communications and sustainability is Switcher, a retail brand from Switzerland.

The website is not up the standard of leaders like Patagonia and Timberland, but what’s interesting is the holistic approach to sustainability.

Using a number in the label of clothing items, customers can visit http://www.respect-code.org/Main.action and find factory data.

The site is a little clumsy, but you can kind of track the supply chain and green issues, around say, a pair of socks.

It doesn’t work anywhere near as smoothly or holistically as Patagonia’s Footprint Chronicles, but it’s an interesting effort from a market, Switzerland, that many of us in the UK and US know little about.

I’d be interested in other corporate sites attempting online communications around supply chain impacts if you know them.

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