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Sustainable Sugarcane Forum – How to manage risk, scale impact and hit targets for 2020 and beyond

Here’s an upcoming event from us at Innovation Forum and Bonsucro, on the above topic. We’ve run this twice before, and last year’s conference was generally regarded as pretty good. It’s packed with big companies and key NGOs, and I hope you can join us. Here’s a bit more on the conference, and the brochure is below.

Created in partnership with Bonsucro, the global platform for sugarcane, this forum is designed for brands and end-users in the sugarcane supply chain to discuss the commercial opportunities of implementing sustainability and ethical initiatives, and the practicalities of how to make them successful.

The forum will provide delegates with:

– An overview of the commercial state of the sugar industry – stay up-to-date with recent changes in regulation and trends in prices – and the outlook for the coming ve years
– Manage supply chain risk – learn how to map your sugarcane supply, know which risks are the most urgent and how to engage with them effectively and credibly
– 2020 and beyond brand commitments – learn how brands are approaching their sustainability effort when it comes to sugar, whether they are on course to hit 2020 targets – and what comes beyond
– Demand trends – learn how trends in nutrition, climate change, bioplastics, biomaterials pertain to sugar and how they can be used to strengthen the business case for meaningful engagement with the sustainability agenda
– Case studies from outside sugarcane – we’ll get the latest case studies on what other crops are doing to address similar social and environmental issues that have transferrable lessons
Some of the key themes for 2017 include:
– Forced labor due diligence – learn how to implement a credible programme to manage and remove human rights risks such as modern-day slavery in your supply chain
– Traceability – understand your supply chain through the latest mapping and monitoring to know where the most urgent risks lie
– Smallholder farmers and producer community development – learn the best ways to implement programmes that improve productivity, yield and maximise the economic value of sugarcane for communities

Here’s a link to the latest brochure, and the conference website is at: