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Sustainable socks, and other insights from brands, innovators and experts

We’ve shifted over to our new website at Innovation Forum. It’s much easier to find your way around now. Check it out here.

Now, you can browse and listen/read by a number of categories. For example:

If you want to delve into some business innovation analysis, go here.

But if its brand and other expert insight into how business can, and is, tackling plastic pollution, then go here. This includes the conversation about how to make socks (more) sustainable. Check that out here.

Equally, if you want insights on human rights, modern slavery and forced labour issues, here’s where to take a look.

But if it’s forests and agriculture that float your boat, then take a gander at this page, where lots of company execs, key NGOs, other experts offer thinking on tackling the most difficult challenges.

Finally, a more general look at supply chain strategy, covering myriad issues, including the use of technology, you could do a lot worse than clicking here, and reading and listening away to your heart’s content.

Oh, and it’s all gratis, with no login, no annoying registration, and we don’t track you or do weird stuff like big tech does. We’re not that good at tech, and it’s weird, so we don’t do it.

This I hope makes up for the conference ads you see from me. We have to pay for the all the insight we publish somehow, and the conferences are pretty good, so try one, and come and meet us. Details at:

Upcoming events include those on the future of food, defining purpose and measuring performance, whether biofuels can ever actually be sustainable, tackling plastic pollution, a Detroit conference on measurement/purpose, and our big landscapes and sustainable commodities forum, which will be in November. More details on some of these soon.

Hope you are having/had a lovely weekend. I took my kids to the beach and got covered in sand. Summer is on the way!