What kind of Government interest is there in CSR?

As Paul Hohnen reports on the Ethical Corporation website today, the Canadian government has just revealed a a series of measures to promote corporate social responsibility (CSR) in the extractive sector.

This comes hot on the heels of the G20’s commitment: “to endorse and implement…tough new principles on pay and compensation and to support sustainable compensation schemes and the corporate social responsibility of all firms”.

And should been seen in light of Denmark’s moves on ‘mandatory’ CSR reporting for some companies.

Not forgetting, of course, the Norwegian white paper which sets a new standard for government guidance on corporate social responsibility, published recently.

Interesting moves in light of all the more public debate about where business regulation is headed.

These shifts, combined with the ongoing work of John Ruggie, ought to provide useful guidance for other governments, once the immediate economic crisis has become less pressing.

Companies too, will want to keep a close eye on developments.

Anyone interested in the possible direction of future UK Government CSR policy may want to take a look at this report.

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