Sustainable agriculture and water presentation

Here’s a presentation I am giving on Thursday to my Birkbeck students on sustainable agriculture policy, drivers and corporate action.

Did I miss anything?

I know Unilever is not in here, but I plan to talk about them separately: http://www.growingforthefuture.com

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  1. hi toby, very interesting thanks for sharing, i work quite a lot in this sector so I am quite familiar with the issues. One thing I notice is that the examples you give are consumer facing business. There are many companies who are more upstream in the food value chain on whose activities the success of others are also dependent – Danisco and Novus International are two great companies that spring to mind.

    The other thing that continually bothers me about food security issues is the amount of waste – you mention this – your estimate is up to 50% before and after reaching the consumer. I believe it may be higher than this – some data says that over 30% of food is wasted AFTER it has been purchased, because people just buy too much . If this is so, coupled with food that goes to waste because it is not harvested for many reasons including poltics and pricing subsidies etc, can mean that there is much much more food that could easily be available if better systems were in place. Another aspect is supply chain waste – how much food do manufacturers and supermarkets throw out ? – despite the food rescue efforts of organizations such as Feeding America and the global foodbanking network.

    warm regards, elaine

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