Sustainability: Moving from incrementalism to transformation

Here’s a presentation I gave this morning to the Singapore Compact CSR conference.

There are about 400 executives at the event, which continues tomorrow.

My brief was to talk for 15 minutes about how to “change the change makers”, so I came up with this.

Here’s the slide deck: (if you get this via email and cannot see them, click here)

Effectively, what I’m trying to argue in this presentation is that celebrating 10%/20% improvements ain’t enough.

But also that companies will need to understand they cannot just sit by and have their 2020 targets and membership of policy groups and expect real change.

We’re in very febrile times right now, globally. Meanwhile, big business has increasing resources.

If big companies don’t start helping develop progressive policy frameworks and incentives, and funding genuinely independent research, (which may not always in their immediate short term interest) governments are going to come calling anyhow.

And we all know that unguided government, on social and environmental issues, often uses a hammer to crack a nut.

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