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2016: Year of the smallholder farmer? Maybe

In January of each year, myriad and often hubristic predictions are made about the forthcoming “issues of the year”.

If I was the kind to do that, (and I have been) I would suggest that 2016 could well be “year of the smallholder farmer”, given the levels of interest we are seeing in the area. Mike Barry from M&S summarises some other major issues of 2016 well here.

The numbers seem to back this up, and not just in 2016. As we noted recently in this article:

“Globally, more than 500 million smallholder farmers manage just 12% of agricultural land. Yet they produce more than 80% of the world’s food (in value terms), supporting the livelihood and wellbeing of around two billion people.”

Nkio Agricultural Producers, Farmer (blue suit): Eric Kirimi; Farmer (woman, black head wrap): Modesta Kaburi; Farmer (woman, black sweater): Janise Gitonga, Kenya.

“More and more companies get it right with the development of new financing mechanisms to help farmers plan for the future, giving farmers training to boost productivity and improving smallholder access to market to get better prices for their crops.

The work of Nestlé in cocoa, tea and coffee (working with NGOs such as TechnoServe), as well as John Lewis in cotton (working with CottonConnect), are good examples.”

So, given all that, here’s the brochure for our upcoming conference called “Sustainability for smallholders: How to build supply security and resilience with smallholder farmers” which takes place on 22nd – 23rd March 2016, London.

You can imagine what its about, from that title. Should be fascinating.

It’ll be two days of leading analysis, debate, discussion and networking.

Details and agenda at: and also below:

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