Sustainability, CSR and 70 years of books

Google Labs has found a way for any of us to search for words appearing in books from the 1920’s to the year 2000. This New York Times piece offers some example of how you might use it, with the headline “In 500 Billion Words, New Window on Culture”.

Here’s the search tool, and a link to how it came about. Fascinating to play around with. Perhaps useful for presentations?

Some examples of keywords appearing in 70 odd years of books relevant to the CSR and sustainability world are below. Click on the images to enlarge them.


Ethical Business

Corporate Social Responsibility

Climate change


  1. Toby- The amazing power of charts. These are wonderful and tell a great story. Barbara Kimmel

  2. I love using charts! That's a great way of presenting especially when it comes to CSR: how fashinonable it has become, hasn't it?

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