Summary of corporate responsibility trends 2010/2011

If you are interested in the trends, issues and areas covered by our writers in the last 18 months, you can see them at these links:

Click here for a quick view of our 2010 coverage

And here to see what we’ve covered so far in 2011.

We conduct hundreds of interviews with leading companies in corporate responsibility every year.

I estimate around 250-300 for our conferences (25/30 x 10 events per year) and for the magazine/website, a lot more. At a rough guess another 500 a year. A lot anyhow.

We combine the findings of these qualitative interviews with stats from our reader surveys to form our events and editorial calendar.

It’s pretty rigourous and customer-focused. It has to be, or we’d go bust.

Added to that is our own sprinkling of activism, and input from our editorial advisory board.

The result is our magazine each month, the website, the reports and country briefings.

That’s enough own-trumpet blowing.

The links above might be useful for you. I’d be interested to know if we’ve missed something we shouldn’t have. No doubt we have.

Below (or download as link if you get this via email) is our latest cover and contents page.

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