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Sumatran peat forest vs. plantation by boat, February 2014

This post is not for all readers. If you are not interested in forests and peatlands then stop reading now.

But as you do so consider how important forests are.

20% of global carbon emissions are from deforestation, after all.

We need our forests.

Still reading? Good. So…

…following my recent post Sustainable forestry In Indonesia: Asia Pulp & Paper and forest protection  
here below is some video from the trip.

The two videos below show you the difference, by boat, between plantation forest and natural forest.

As short clips I thought they provide some interesting contrast. Not many people get to see or film this. The only way in or out is by boat. Here’s a slideshow on my trip.

The first video, here shows you the view from boat passing through acacia plantations in Sumatra.

The second video, here, shows you the view from a boat passing through natural peat forest.

The contrast is pretty stark. This is why we need to save what’s left of the world’s natural forests.

I found out after I got back that the acacia forest in the first video, the plantation, may not last beyond 2040 given the harvesting cycles and the slow sinking of the forest peat base. But that’s not much discussed as far as I could tell.