Stewart Lee on corporate values

If you enjoy satirical comedy then you might like Stewart Lee’s take on the values of the Carphone Warehouse during the Celebrity Big Brother racism scandal a couple of years ago.

As always with his work, there is a serious message.

In this case it was because the Carphone Warehouse only pulled out of sponsoring the show when public objections to blatant racism on the programme became widespread.

In previous series, he points out, there was much activity on the show that should have been at odds with the values of the Carphone Warehouse.

(If you are easily offended, it’s best not to watch the clip, even though his depictions of events are accurate)

Only when the public outcry over the racism scandal became intense, did the firm pull sponsorship, citing it’s values as a reason, Lee points out here.

So the message here is a simple one: If you have publicly or privately stated values, you should live by them, or face the wrath of comedians, and anyone else who chooses to mock your company when it it behaves inconsistently on important issues.

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