The Stern Review gets a stern review

Last night’s BBC investigation into the Stern review had some harsh comments for Sir Nicholas Stern’s climate change predictions that have made so many headlines recently. You can listen to it agan at:


The programme interviews a whole host of top economists and climate experts, some of whom are quoted in the report itself. Many of them claim that the Stern review is taking by far the most pessimistic view out there of the impacts of climate change on temperature changes. Stern is interviewed and defends his findings.

One of the big points for debate is how far ahead Stern is of the IPCC’s
(http://www.ipcc.ch) predictions of where temperatures will be at the end of the century and into the next.

This is perhaps too far ahead even for the most long term business planning, but if Stern is right, violent climactic changes could be within reach of current planning.

Fred Pearce has written on this issue, see: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Last-Generation-Nature-Revenge-Climate/dp/1903919878

Another point that the programme claims is a climate myth is hurricanes. The programme claims that the biggest hurricane conference agreed recently that there is no proven connection between hurricanes and climate change / carbon. I found this really surprising, since we hear about this supposed connection in the UK media/climate debate all the time.

Toby Webb, Editor

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