The state of business and human rights

Yesterday I taped a podcast with John Morrison, who runs the Institute of Human Rights and Business.

It’s about 20 minutes long, but its a complex area, so worth your time if the field interests you, I would say. (But then I would say that)

One of the many things John says on the podcast is that in some sectors (electronics/hi-tech) suppliers are moving ahead of the brands in terms of minimising risks where they can.

John also points out that the ‘game-changer’ sector for human rights and business is the recruitment industry world-wide. This is very interesting. When you think about it it makes a whole lot of sense.

In the UK the issues around them and working conditions lead to the creation of the Gangmaster Licensing Authority, for all its flaws.

Here’s the podcast. Hope you find it somehow useful.

P.S. Our China editor Paul French has taped a very interesting podcast on China, corruption and executions for convictions around bribery. Listen to it here.

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