Standard Chartered report on their Ghana impact

Some of you might have missed this.

A couple of weeks ago, that Standard Chartered have put out an impact report on their operations in Ghana.

It’s another fascinating insight into corporate footprints.

Big companies always need, in today’s world, to point out their value to society. What better way to do that than to support some compelling research what this means in reality?

The Standard Chartered report reveals that, as far as the authors can work out:

“…added together, the direct, indirect and induced impacts of Standard Chartered Ghana’s operations and onshore financing – equal to about one third of its total financing – amounted to USd 400 million of value-added in 2009, or about 2.6% of Ghana’s GdP. Meanwhile, the bank’s activities supported a total of almost 156,000 jobs in the country, or around 1.5% of the Ghanaian workforce.”

These reports are by no means perfect, of course, as our recent report, on impact reporting and how it works, points out.

Some findings from it, are here.

But they are increasingly becoming a way for companies to make evidence-based decisions about investment, and consider the consequences of doing so at the same time.

My firm view is that these kinds of assessments will become ever more popular.

There’s plenty about this in the November 2010 edition of our magazine.

And here’s a short piece from our politics editor and recent report author, Peter Davis, on why these kinds of reports really do matter.

You can meet some of the companies doing this kind of reporting here in a couple of weeks time.

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