Some good examples of how reporting is evolving

I’ve seen a couple of better ideas about communicating responsible business this last week.

First, a short 16 page PepsiCo UK and Ireland CR summary. Not a new idea, but this one is well done, accessible but not cheesy or patronising.

It’s not perfect, could have had slightly better design and is cluttered in places, but it’s a good way to begin evolving report data and information marketing in a more engaging way than a dull press release and the usual unreadable report (though these are improving and getting shorter).

The second is a new idea from BAA, the British Airport operating company. They plan to do away with the annual CR report, and produce some engaging papers, with some relevant report-like data in them too, about issues that affect stakeholders related to their business and how they operate.

I haven’t see a final version of the initial one (it’s still a draft) but from what I recall they plan six or so over a year.

It’s an excellent idea, if executed well, and has to be a more engaging way to communicate with some stakeholders (not all!) than the standard report.

Worth checking out on the respective websites of the companies.

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