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Some good articles on palm oil sustainability

Forest cleared for oil palm, Riau, Indonesia, January 2014

The next stage for palm oil reformers
Corporations whose profits rely on the sale of products containing palm oil should not be allowed to hide behind supplier codes of conduct. What companies need now is more responsibility coupled with higher transparency, says Hilary Stauffer.

How can corporations lead the push towards sustainable palm oil?
The Hershey Company is undertaking a challenging commitment; sourcing 100 percent traceable sustainable palm oil by the end of 2014. A commitment which will be difficult to meet without additional tran
sparency from its palm oil suppliers, says sourcing manager Eric Boyle.

Kellogg enhances efforts towards sustainable palm oil
While palm oil is a small percentage of their ingredients, concerns about the sustainable production of palm oil is high on the Kellog Company’s priority list, says chief sustainability officer Diane Holdorf.

The growing shift towards sustainably produced palm oil
From Wilmar and Golden Agri Resources to Kellogg and Hershey, big companies can set a precedent by committing to sourcing sustainable palm oil, says Gina-Marie Cheeseman.