Some free briefings for blog readers: Working with NGOs and Heavy Industry and CR

If you take the time to read my whimsical ramblings on this blog a dose of more sober research is clearly called for a regular basis.

Luckily, the blog can help there too.

So here’s a couple of ten page PDF briefings for blog readers, just one simple click away:

Working with NGOs (May 2011)

Corporate responsibility and heavy industry (March 2010)

As usual in our briefings we spend time looking at best and worst corporate practice, get the NGO views, analyse government action and generally look ahead.

There ought to be some sense in these, I hope they are useful.

We publish two of these kind of briefings ten times a year, so around twenty a year in total. Here’s how to sign up to read them all. (Hey I had to sell somewhere in this post)

Here’s a list of other briefings and features we plan to publish during 2011.

NB: Here’s a sneak preview our new website. The finishing touches are being done as I type, it should be launched next week, finally.

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  1. Hi Toby,

    Thanks for sharing the content. It was really worth reading especially
    'Working with NGOs'.
    Was insightful thanks.


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