Some easy to watch climate change video

If, like me you find short, simple messages that still manage to convey science, here’s a couple of links that might be useful.

The first is for my favourite YouTube channel, “Potholer54“. I’ve blogged on him before. He seems to me to be the voice of the reason on climate change.

But he also posts fascinating videos on everything from the history of the universe, the origins of life, the science of evolution and the impact of previous ice ages.

His climate change videos are excellent. Particularly the one on “ClimateGate“. It’s worth watching them in order though.

The first one on the science is here, the second on objections is here, and the third on climate change myths is here. The rest you can see next to these on YouTube.

Another short set of videos (only available if you live in the US) have been put out by PBS, the US public broadcaster. These are on ice, and how it is retreating, according to scientists. The blurb looks compelling, although environmentalists will be concerned that the series is part funded by, among others, Exxon Mobil. At least you might say they are supporting both sides of the ‘debate’ (not that a real debate actually exists, let’s remember that!).

So for those of you outside the US, and inside a country that hasn’t censored YouTube, then stick with Potholer54.

Worth watching these videos a few times, so you can counter absurd comments from others about climate change, ‘ClimateGate’, etc, with actual science quotes, rather than simple belief.

Now, back to part 4….

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