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Some analysis, podcast debates and what’s coming up from Innovation Forum soon

Here’s some recent analysis published on our website and in our newsletter each week. I hope you find some of them useful and interesting. More of all this kind of thing can be found on https://innovation-forum.co.uk updated a few times a week.

Why companies reject ‘pro-business’ Trump
As French corporate human rights laws tighten, the opposite is happening to progressive legislation in the US – but companies are pushing back. Read the 500 word piece here.

Apparel: the downside in going digital
Digitalisation of apparel supply chains may bring efficiencies for brands, but while greater innovation is welcome, many workers face ending up being the losers. Check out the article here.

Forests, farming and food security – a frank discussion on how to engage Africa’s smallholders
Panellists from Sime Darby, Golden Veroleum Liberia, TFT and Forest Peoples Programme debate the challenges of how to balance the rights of local communities, the responsibility to protect and preserve the environment and the need to ensure that business ventures remain viable. Download or listen to the discussion here.

How transparency has fostered innovation in palm oil supply chains
TFT CEO Bastien Sachet talks with Innovation Forum’s Ian Welsh about TFT’s latest report – Palm Oil Transformation – and how, despite all the challenges and problems, there has been a transformation and accelerating improvement in palm oil supply chains since 2010, when Nestlé introduced its responsible sourcing guidelines. Download or listen to the discussion here.

Radical transparency and genome editing in agricultural seed development
Hagen Duenbostel, CEO of KWS, a leading agricultural seed company, talks with Innovation Forum’s Toby Webb about genome editing, how it’s different from genetic modification, and what radical transparency makes sense for his company as they develop genome editing technology. Download or listen to the discussion here.

And here’s some of our debate-driven events coming up in London, DC and Amsterdam. We’ve developed new interactive formats for 2017, so these will be a notch above what we were doing last year, we reckon:

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