Six more lessons on business and sustainable water

Following on from my last post, here are six lessons on business and sustainable water engagement I’ve gleaned (do like that word) from some corporate interviews and meetings with leading companies, enjoy:

1) Learn from experiences in carbon and energy: Find the right partners, new players beyond just other companies, new NGOs.

2) Best practice in management: Spread the knowledge around the industry.

3) New technologies and innovations: Talking about what works, where, and what it costs and delivers.

4) Create forums for sharing: Expert roundtables, spread of that knowledge around the sustainability industry and wider business and mainstream media.

5) Bring reticent partners on board using the risk argument: Supply security as a leading way to gain attention.

6) Engage politicians: Whilst you have limited ability as a company, you can influence policy via your government affairs outreach using individual experience. Engagement with the UN CEO Water Mandate and WBCSD / WEF is vital for leading companies.

If readers have more to add to the list, please post your ideas as comments.

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