Six ethics questions for one of Europe’s richest men

Next week in London I’ll be asking Stefano Pessina, 50% owner of Alliance Boots, some key questions on responsible business and corporate strategy.

There are many privileges to working with the fantastic team of conference organisers, researchers, business development folks editors and journalists at Ethical Corporation.

One of them is the opportunity their unstinting, dedicated, and innovative work provides to ask CEOs about strategy and corporate responsibility.

Next Tuesday is our big annual conference, the Responsible Business Summit, featuring a plethora of CEOs, chairmen and senior managers.

As part of our keynote session, here are the six questions I’ll be asking Stefano Pessina, the man who bought out Boots UK with KKR, the big private equity outfit, a few years ago:

1) Why – and how – does the CR agenda matter in the Alliance Boots boardroom?

2) What specific opportunities for consumer trust are generated by sustainability?

3) How come a Plan A for Alliance Boots has not yet emerged – and is it still needed?

4) How does he engage the other 50% owner – Kohlberg Kravis Roberts – in what sustainability means for Alliance Boots?

5) Responsible tax: What are his views on what this means for EU businesses?

6) What is the biggest challenge facing Alliance Boots in the next decade?

We are planning on keeping the discussion short and snappy. If you can’t make it along, don’t worry: I’ll make sure the results are written up and posted on the blog within a few weeks.

We’re also hosting our awards dinner, on Tuesday evening just after day one of the conference.

My colleague Emmeline Rajasingham has done an amazing job on our speaker line-up and on marketing the conference

Our moderators are primed to push speakers hard to answer difficult questions and offer management tips on success and failure. Video, audio and slides, plus editorial coverage, will be available afterwards. Some of it free to blog readers.

Here’s a couple of the CEOs who are speaking next week in recent podcasts with Ethical Corp: Nick Bunker of Kraft UK, and Richard Reed of Innocent Drinks.

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