Shifting your strategy from impact to core business

Here’s a good posting about Newsweek’s recent green rankings.

It makes a simple point:

“The Newsweek list, however, defines “green” largely in terms of a company’s efforts to reduce its impact (e.g., buying green power, recycling, building greener facilities, etc.). We believe it’s time to move beyond this approach and begin defining “green” by how well a company is aligning sustainability with its core business by solving society’s environmental challenges and creating shareholder value while doing so.”

Quite so. Corporate responsibility folks in Europe have been saying this for some years now.

I hope that the fact that this is starting to appear in places like Harvard Business online means more executives, particularly in the US, will take notice of this idea.

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  1. Hear Hear!

    All too often, companies – even those with seemingly well strategized CSR initiatives – are guilty of putting the cart before the horse, so to speak.

    Predetermined indicators of impact are what corporations shoot for, when what they should be doing is examining their business, working out what works and what needs work, and then aligning their community action plans to measures that also give them a sound strategic position.

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