Eight ways to sell corporate responsibility to your board

Here’s a few tips from some of the leading CR folks around on how to get your board engaged in what sustainable business can mean for your company.

Lots of it is fairly obvious, but some of it might be useful. Here’s a link to the full article: “C-suite tactics: Selling sustainability“.

These tips came from companies such as SAB Miller, Marks & Spencer, BAT, KPMG and Encana.

Eight tips:

1) Persuade one of the board members to be your mentor as head of CR

2) Choose one or two areas where you can identify some quick wins

3) Get different board members agreeing to take leadership on specific issues

4) Do a lot of research on your CEO’s interests and motivations, tailor approaches

5) Ensure that the business case for action is more robust than you think it needs to be

6) Produce in-house measures of how the company stacks up against key competitors. Show that performance could be better

7) Make reporting an important spur by showing the board how the different businesses are performing in a transparent way

8) Prevent ‘bunker mentality’, find different methods of getting your board to look outside the business

More on all this, here.

Meet people you can talk to about this, here.

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