Seven hundred and one CSR posts later: Still all about communication

This is my 701st post on this blog.

I find it hard to believe there have been that many. The blog began in 2005 as a collaborative attempt by our writers around the world to contribute to the debate.

Ethical Corporation has published now about 7000 articles on CR.

So somehow this blog seems to fairly evenly represent around 10% of EC’s output in terms of post numbers.

There’s a pointless stat for you, but I found it interesting.

As with many multi-party collaborations the ‘combined writers blog’ idea soon fell away, particularly given we all did it for free.

After a brief hiatus for a year when I posted blogs on the Ethical Corp site instead, I’ve really ramped up blogging over the last two years in particular.

About half the content, perhaps more, has been added in that time.

Now onto something more useful.

Having reviewed some of the posts going back six years, its clear to me, that at least in my own tiny mind, corporate responsibility is about pretty much one thing: Communication.

Indigenous communities don’t automatically dislike big companies. Journalists are sceptical, but not cynical, about business. NGOs similarly, as Christian Aid said this week at our Responsible Business conference. And the average man in the street? Sceptical yes, cynical, I don’t generally think so.

What does this mean? It means that CR is really all about communicating your intentions, your dilemmas, your aims, objectives and potentially unknown outcomes.

Get that right, and show that you listen, and will act when you have done so, at least towards some kind of compromise, and most people will buy in.

Not always of course, but better communication between companies and stakeholders can solve most challenges before they become major disasters or significant problems.

My 701st post was going to highlight our CR management blog post about how the media view corporate responsibility plans and initiatives. Most importantly, it’s about how companies can talk to the media in a more compelling way. Here’s the link.

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